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We cover all aspects of repointing Residential and Commercial. We are the best price and quality repointing company in Leeds.

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Repointing in Leeds and Yorkshire

Areas we cover are Leeds, Harrogate, York, Hull, Boroughbridge, Ripon, Selby, and Thirsk.

Are you wondering about the cost to repoint brickwork?

Here at Repointing Leeds we have 25 years of experience Repointing brickwork and stonework. We are a family run company and we also provide a 25 year guarantee on all materials and workmanship. The cost of repointing a wall depends how big an area it is. Please contact us for a quote and we would be happy to give you free advice. The condition of your brickwork and masonry is also an important factor when calculating the cost, as significantly damaged brickwork and masonry will cost a lot more to fix. A bricklayer or repointing specialist will usually charge around £150 to £350 per day for labour, and will usually work by themselves or in pairs. There is also the cost of scaffolding if required. We consider ourselves to be the best company in the Leeds area for quality and price. Please email us or ring us for a quote.

Repointing Example in action.
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When Do You Need To Repoint?

Repointing Example again.

The mortar can be as much as 15 per cent of the overall area of the masonry. Therefore, this will impact the quality and safety of the wall. The mortar also acts as the walls main defence against water and damp. This means the mortar is critical to the property structure. The mortar is essential to hold the bricks together in a wall, but it also fills in any irregularities on the faces of the bricks. Pointing needs replacing every 30-50 years depending on the age of the building.

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Signs that your brick and mortar needs repointing

Damp outside wall with white salts

A clear sign that your brick or stone walls need repointing is the appearance of efflorescence, this is caused by rising damp. This looks like a white substance that forms on the brickwork due to rain and dissolved salts entering the walls. While this does not permanently damage the brickwork, it does not offer a great aesthetic so repointing it could be the best way to resolve the problem.

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Do you live in a old property?

Old Victorian House

You should check your brickwork or stonework pointing every year. Some older properties may be incorrectly repointed using a cement mortar. This smothers the building, when you should be using a traditional lime mortar that would allow the building to breathe. If your property is Victorian, Edwardian, Georgian, Elizabethan, or built before the 1930s, then it is essential that you use lime mortar instead of Portland cement. This will avoid cracks and additional damage in bad weather.

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Difference Between Cement, Mortar and Concrete

choose cement mortar concrete

Cement repointing material consists of a fine powder that is combined with water. It is used as a binding agent when mixed with concrete and mortar and is usually referred to as Portland cement. It is utilised to fill in the gaps between the bricks or stone, although only on properties built after the 1930s.

Mortar contains cement, sand and limestone. It is typically used to secure bricks and stones together. This type of repointing material is not as strong as concrete and so, therefore, is not used on its own, as it instead acts as a glue that holds other materials together.

Concrete is a mixture of cement, stone and sand. Concrete is a building material that is used to build most masonry structures, as it is one of the most flexible substances available.

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Benefits of Repointing

house repointed

Planning to repoint your brickwork? These are the ways you can benefit:
The first benefit is that you can improve the look of your house, as repointing will reinstate or enhance the aesthetic of your home’s exterior. This enables you to increase the value of your house, as buyers will be more interested in a well looked after property. The second benefit is Repointing is also a great solution for preserving old properties that have expired brickwork or broken mortar. Repointing can really enhance an old property by using lime mortar. This helps to reduce the amount of on-going maintenance that is required for both older homes and modern properties.

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We give you a 25 Year Guarantee

25 year guarantee on all materials and workmanship.

By repointing you make your walls more durable when adverse weather conditions strike, this will effectively weatherproof your walls.
Repointing is necessary for avoiding damage to the structure of your home, so it is very important that it is done right! This means the mortar used must be softer than the material it is replacing, to make room for water to escape and evaporate. Please ring us or contact us for a best quality and price service of repointing in Leeds and Yorkshire.